How to Make Natural Light Work for You: Skylights in Commercial Buildings

In a previous blog, we talked about how skylights can benefit your home. If you have an office or other commercial space, skylights can also benefit you, your employees, and your customers. Some of the benefits of a skylight in a commercial building are the same as in your home.

Improve Your Mood

Natural light can boost the mood of everyone in your building. There is a noticeable difference in natural and artificial light. Many studies have shown how much sunlight affects mood, though you can walk outside to know for yourself how natural light makes you happier. Adding a skylight in a commercial building or store has the same effect on your employees and customers. In addition, you can place plants near your new natural light source and benefit from the better air quality the plants will provide, too. Everyone will get a boost from your skylight! 

Reduce Eyestrain

If you have employees who work with computers, natural light has other benefits. Artificial lights, especially when you combine overhead lighting and a computer screen, cause eyestrain. If you work at a computer for most of the day, you know the effects of that eyestrain. You may have frequent headaches, and your vision may blur. When you replace a lot of the overhead artificial light with natural light, however, the computer screen doesn’t affect our eyes as much. Natural light can reduce eyestrain. Office workers have reported fewer headaches and blurred vision, as well as higher productivity.

skylights in shopping mall

Boost Sales

If you own a retail store, you definitely want customers to be happy in your store. Happy customers spend more time browsing, and that can lead to more spending. Many retail stores have reported higher sales when using natural light instead of artificial light. In fact, this particular study showed an increase in sales of items that were directly in the natural light. Knowing this, you can place the items you want to sell quickly directly under or close to your new skylight. You may find the same thing other retail stores have found – you’ll move those items faster and have to buy more inventory! 

Reduced Energy Cost

Many commercial building owners have noticed reduced energy costs after installing skylights. In the winter, you may notice that the heater doesn’t need to work as hard to heat the building, because the sunlight has a heating effect. If you have operable skylights, you can let air into the building in the summer. Even better, skylights can help reduce your electric bill year-round because you’ll need fewer artificial lights. 

Adding skylights can make your building a better place to both work and buy. Your employees and customers will love the addition, even if they don’t immediately realize that a skylight makes the difference. After installing your skylights, you may find that you’re happier, healthier, more productive, and have increased your profits. 

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