Curb Mounted Skylights

For very low-pitch roofs and those with metal roofing or shakes.

Curb Mounted Skylight

Curb Mounted Skylight

Made with high quality products and tempered glass for long life and durability.

Good for low-pitched roofs

SIG Skylights curb mounted skylights are a great option for replacing old plastic domed skylights.

When to use SIG Curb Mounted Skylights

For skylight installations where a curb is necessary or preferred, such as for very low-pitch roofs and those with metal roofing or shakes, we manufacture curb mount skylights. We have two designs, a short rim that drops down 1″ below the curb face and a deep rim that drops down 2″ below the curb face. Think of our curb mount skylights as the lid to a shoe box. Measure the outside dimensions of the existing curb (the shoe box), including any flashing, and we will build the “lid” to fit. Installation of curb-mount skylights requires knowledge of proper flashing and installation techniques. Unless you are simply installing one over an existing flashed curb, it is recommended that a knowledgeable contractor install these types of skylights.

More about SIG Curb Mounted Skylights

Southeastern Insulated Glass (SIG) manufactures two curb mount styles, CM and CM3. Think of our CM series as a shoe box lid, with the existing curb as the box. The CM will drop down 1” from the top of the curb, and CM3 will drop down 2” over the curb. Carefully measure the outside dimension of the curb, including any flashing material. We will build the skylight cover to fit.

We specialize in custom size and custom shape skylights. Check out our Custom Size and Shape Skylights for more info and ideas.

Replacement of curb mounted (CM & CM3) skylights requires the careful measurement of the outside of the curb and flashing. When replacing some plastic bubble skylights, you may find a re-usable curb. Examine the curb carefully. Some methods of manufacture form two brakes that provide a top flat surface and then a down leg to which the retaining ring is fastened. The curb rising from the roof will be smaller than the outside of the retaining leg and the overall size of the glazing.

Tempered insulated glass is the premier choice for residential skylight glazing. It stays transparent, strong and provides for an energy efficient skylight. Moreover, glass will not crack, haze or become brittle from UV exposure like plastic will.

Our stock glazing choice is double paned, tempered, insulated glass with a bronze tint – a cost effective choice to reduce glare, UV and heat gain. Other glass choices are available for specific applications such as direct sun or heavy shade, or hurricane prone areas.

SIG provides a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on the skylight frame.

​Our curb mounted skylight frames are made with heavy, 6063-T5 aluminum, and are so durable they have a Limited Lifetime Warranty. They are not constructed with wood, which can rot, nor plastic, which will degrade in the sun. Aluminum will not crack from weathering.

Curb Mounted Stock Skylight Sizes

(Outside Dimensions in Inches)

1″ Drop
24 x 24
24 x 48*

2″ Drop
24 x 24
24 X 48*
25½ x 25½*
25½ x 49½*

Note: Our in-stock, standard size skylights are made with tempered insulated glass that has a bronze outer glazing and a clear inner glazing.
​​* Also available in Solar Reflective glass, recommended for full sun.

Skylight prices $188 to $549.
Add $75 to $100 for solar reflective glazing.
Prices do not include delivery or installation.

We sell skylights to homeowners, contractors and wholesalers (roofing supply companies), so we do not publish prices online. No worries! We will quote over the phone within minutes or next business day by email.