Multiple Pane (Multi-Gang) Skylights

Occasionally, a customer requires multiple skylights to be closely spaced over rafters. This presents a sealing challenge, and therefore a potential leakage problem between the individual skylights. We have solved that problem! Our expert custom manufacturing capability enables us to gang multiple skylights together into one multiple skylight unit – a multi-gang, or multiple pane skylight.  This way, you only have to seal the perimeter of the entire skylight unit, and there is no need to seal between the individual panes.

Installing a Multiple Pane Skylight

Since a multi-gang, or multiple pane skylight is bulky and heavy, Installation is made simpler by field-installing the glass panes. The lightweight aluminum skylight frame, with its multiple openings, is first installed on the roof. The individual insulated glass skylight panes are then installed, one by one, over the openings, using the same high quality glazing adhesive we use in our finished skylights. Finally, the retention caps are placed over each piece of glass to hold it in place. This field installation of the glass will often allow the frame to be lifted onto the roof manually, as well as each piece of glass, eliminating the need for special lifting equipment.

Ordering a Multiple Pane Skylight

Each multi-gang skylight is unique, and is custom designed for your particular size skylights and rafter spacing. Simply specify the size of the openings and the space between openings, and your custom made skylight will be ready in a few weeks. If the portion of the roof in which the new skylight will be installed is in the sun for a significant part of the day, we recommend using one of our Solar Reflective glass glazing types. See more information on our page about Full Sun Skylights(TM), which use this type of glazing. You can get a quote below, or call us directly to discuss your specific application.

Multi-gang Skylight
Multi-gang Skylight