Deck mounted skylights offer many benefits to both contractors and the end customers as well. From the ease of installation to the natural beauty and practicality that they offer, deck mounted skylights are an excellent option for a residential home. If a home is in need of a replacement skylight, which is common on an older home, a deck mounted skylight is a great option. We understand there can be issues that arise when replacing older skylights and we find deck mounted skylights are often the perfect fit. A few reasons why this is the case are listed below.

Custom Sizing: Older homes often have uniquely sized skylights making it difficult to find the right replacement pieces. However, at SIG Skylights, we specialize in custom sizing with a quick turn-around time specifically with our deck mounted skylights. 

Durability: The aluminum frames that support deck mounted skylights are extremely durable. They are built to withstand the test of time. 

Installation: Installing deck mounted skylights are extremely easy to do because they contain a one-piece welded curb with a wide flange that mounts directly to the roof deck. There is no need for an extra flashing kit!

Drainage: Deck mounted skylights come complete with a condensate drain that directs condensed water away from the house making it very durable. 

If you need a quote on any future orders of deck mounted skylights please simply fill out the contact form on our website here, We will get back to you with the details of your quote within one business day. If you have any questions regarding your project and how deck mounted skylights might be the perfect fit, our team of skilled professionals would be happy to help answer all of your questions. Do not hesitate to reach out to us by phone 770-455-8838. We look forward to working with you on any and all future projects. 

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SIG Self-Flashing Deck Mounted Skylights

​The best choice for sloped roof skylight windows replacement

Deck Mounted Skylight

Easy to Install

Manufactured with heavy aluminum for long term durability. The one piece welded curb and flashing make installation simple.

glass deck mounted skylights

Beautiful and Durable

Tempered glass provides an energy efficient clear view. These low profile skylights look good on your roof.

When to use SIG Self Flashing, Deck Mounted Skylights

Suitable for Most Applications
We recommend our self flashing, deck mounted (FM, or flush mount) skylights for most applications, including installing or replacing skylights on any shingled pitched roof with a 3:12 or greater slope. Some of our skylights are sized to fit between standard rafters for easier installation.

Great Replacement Skylights
Our deck mount skylights are a superior option for fiberglass, acrylic, or plastic dome skylight replacement. We have many in-stock sizes that will fit between standard rafters, and sizes that will replace skylights from Velux, Wasco, and Suntek. If our in-stock sizes do not meet your needs, we will make one which will fit the existing opening exactly.

More about SIG Deck Mounted Skylights

Our deck mounted skylight frames are made with heavy, 6063-T5 aluminum, and are so durable they have a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Aluminum will not crack from weathering and may be sealed with any type sealer (not just silicone).

We specialize in custom size and custom shape skylights. Check out our Custom Size and Shape Skylights for more info and ideas.

These durable, easy-to-install sky lights are mounted directly to the roof deck. They contain a one-piece welded curb and flashing for easy skylight installation. No extra flashing kit is required! SIG has the widest flange in the industry (4-5/8″) which provides self flashing and a leak-free seal.

Simply use normal sealant, screws, and a good quality ice and water barrier to fasten and seal the roof skylight to the roof deck. The frame also has a condensate drain that carries to the outside any condensation that may occur due to excessive moisture in the home.

The deck mounted skylights have a condensate drain that carries to the outside, any condensation that may occur due to excessive moisture in the home.

Tempered insulated glass is the premier choice for residential skylight glazing. It stays transparent, is strong and provides for an energy efficient skylight. Moreover, glass will not crack, haze, yellow, or become brittle from UV exposure like plastics will.

Our stock glazing is double-paned, tempered, insulated glass with a bronze tint – a cost effective choice to reduce glare, UV and heat gain. Some sizes are also available in Solar Reflective glass, recommended for full sun skylights. Other glass choices are available for specific applications such as heavy shade or hurricane prone areas.

SIG’s deck mounted, self flashing skylights are ideal for DIY skylight projects. The elegant design is simpler to install when compared with the complicated flashing and sealing systems of other skylight brands, and are more durable than those with rubber flanges. See detailed installation instructions here.

SIG provides a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on the skylight frame.

Deck Mounted (FM) Stock Skylight Sizes

Inside Finished Opening in Inches

13½ x 13½
13½ x 24
​20½ x 20½
20½ x 36½
20½ x 44½
22½ x 22½
22½ x 46½*
24 x 24

24 x 48*
26 x 42
30 x 30*
30 x 48*
34 x 52*
36 x 36
36 x 48*
48 x 48*

Note: Our in-stock, standard size skylights are made with tempered insulated glass that has a bronze outer glazing and a clear inner glazing.
​​* Also available in Solar Reflective glass, recommended for full sun.

Skylight prices $188 to $549.
Add $75 to $100 for solar reflective glazing.
Prices do not include delivery or installation.

We sell skylights to homeowners, contractors and wholesalers (roofing supply companies), so we do not publish prices online. No worries! We will quote over the phone within minutes or next business day by email.