Custom Size and Shape Skylights

Made to order — just measure and call us!

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custom shaped skylights by SIG skylights atlanta

Custom Skylights – You Choose the Size, Shape or Glass Type

SIG Skylights specializes in custom size skylights, custom shape skylights, and those with specialty glass, all made in Atlanta, Georgia. Custom skylights take extra time, so plan ahead. Most orders are filled in two to three weeks.

We can design geometric shapes that can be made with straight lines. For sizes over 40 square feet, please call us at 770-455-8838 to discuss the details.  If you have a drawing and/ or know the exact dimensions of your opening, call us or go to our ordering page and request a quote. We will respond within one business day. If you need multiple openings in one skylight, see our Multiple Pane Skylights. Also check out specialty glass options on our Glazing Options page.

Best Uses For Custom Skylights

  • Roof Skylight Replacements – match the old skylight dimensions exactly
  • Renovation Projects – custom designed to enhance the space and meet architectural and lighting needs
  • Aesthetics/Architectural  Design – appropriate proportions, and size and number of skylights for the space.
  • Health and Mood – add a larger skylight to provide a feeling of openness , warmth from the sun’s rays,  and an outside view. Natural light reduces SADD effects in winter.
  • Uniquely Shaped Areas – requiring special  skylight shapes, like rounded entryways and porticoes, triangular shaped ceilings, long narrow halls, interior bathrooms and galley kitchens.

Old Skylight Replacement

Custom size skylights are extremely helpful when doing a skylight replacement, as we can match the old skylight opening exactly.  Older skylights can be found in every size, and cannot always be matched with in stock skylights.  Although we carry many common replacement skylight sizes for skylights like Velux, Wasco, and Sun-Tek, we still get may requests for custom skylight sizes. In order to  ensure a proper fit, a good interior finish, and energy efficiency, in addition to a leak-free seal, the skylight should be a very close fit to the existing opening.

Although a skylight repair is occasionally possible, with very old skylights, the entire unit  may just  need to be replaced. If you have leaking skylights, there could certainly be an installation problem, but also there could be an issue with the structural integrity of the older skylight design.  (SIG Skylights have replaced many competitor skylights which have rotted wood that eventually caused the skylights to leak).  Acrylic plastic dome skylights may be impossible to see through, or even be cracked. They also are prone to warping, which can cause a seal to break and the skylight to leak.  In all these cases. it is best to replace the skylight with a new  beautiful, durable, energy efficient skylight by SIG Skylights. 

New Roof Replacements With Existing Skylights

New roof replacements with existing skylights should almost always include replacing skylights. This is crucial as older skylights are highly likely to be damaged by the roofing tear-off process, eventually causing leaks even months after the roof has  been installed. Many roofers will not even guarantee the roof if they cannot replace the sky light on the roof.  Older skylights are also probably much less energy efficient than today’s designs, and often have wooden frames and/ or plastic covered frames that can rot and degrade from the sun’s UV rays, and may  even be made with brittle, yellowed  and hazy plastic panes.  Plus, installing the skylight AFTER the new roof has been installed requires significantly more work than when the roof is already bare.

Architectural Design Aesthetics

Cathedral  ceilings, and many rooms in modern ranch style homes and additions, are compelling locations for a large skylight, or multiple or unusually shaped skylights.  The home or business owner, designer, and installation contractor should work together to determine the ideal location, number, size and shape skylights to take a room from great to breathtaking! We also stock square and rectangular skylights in popular sizes, as listed on our sizes page, which are generally available to pick up or ship immediately from our facility in Atlanta, GA.
Four custom trapezoid shaped skylights ready for istallation