Answers To Some Frequently Asked Skylight Questions

No, they do not! Properly installed, they will not leak. The skylight frames are solid welded all the way around, so water cannot penetrate. They have the widest flange in the industry (4-5/8 inches) which allows for the best seal. Once they are fastened to the roof, they should be sealed and then covered with roofing material like any other protrusion through the roof. We recommend you or your roofer or builder review the installation instructions.

Many reasons; they are personal and individual to your situation.  A skylight will certainly increase the light in your home – during the day and even during the night! You can see the sky, which can be very calming and beautiful.  Skylights add architectural interest and beauty to a home. (Take a look at our Photos section). They can provide ventilation.  If fresh air is desired, an operable skylight with an installed screen is available.

Sure, if you are a do‐it‐yourself‐er.  Our self-flashing, deck mount skylights are relatively simple to install. Besides standard roofing tools and materials, there is nothing else to buy to install one – no complicated flashing kit is necessary. Review the installation instructions to get an idea how easy it is.

We are a manufacturer; we do not install them ourselves.  However, just contact us through phone or email (see our Contact page) and we can suggest someone who can install them for you.

That is an easy one! Glass is clear and will always be. Our skylights have energy‐efficient double walled insulated glass which will keep more heat and air conditioning inside your home. All plastic degrades with UV from the sun, causing hazy skylights with even lower visibility as they age. And speaking of aging, plastic gets brittle and can crack and scratch much more easily than glass. Our skylights are made of strong, safe, tempered glass with a slight tint to reduce solar heat gain and UV damage and maintain beautiful visibility.

Definitely not! SIG skylights are constructed with a frame and cover of solid welded aluminum. There is no wood to rot! (We do provide wood trim for decorative purposes only, but that is on the interior of the home). These skylights are extremely durable, and will remain intact and beautiful for many years.

Made in Georgia, USA! They are assembled in Atlanta by an experienced and dedicated staff. The frames are welded in our satellite facility in Ball Ground, Georgia. The insulated glass units are sourced from our glass suppliers in Georgia. The company is American Combat Veteran owned.

The skylight frames have a replacement guarantee for the lifetime of the installation. Click here for details. If a skylight is defective in any way, we will replace it. The glass seal is warranted for 5 years. If the glass ever does fail on our deck mount skylights, it can be easily replaced without removing the skylight. See our Glass Replacement page.  

No, not all skylights leak! Newer skylights are generally well designed and, when properly installed, should never leak. Very old skylights sometimes leak because of material failures, like rotting wood or cracked panes. However, most leaks come from using the wrong type of skylight or installing it improperly. Use the correct skylight for your application, choose a good location on the roof where debris is less likely to build up around it, and follow manufacturers’ instructions. It is best to use a reputable installer, contractor, or roofer that installs skylights regularly and will provide a warranty for the skylight installation. SIG Self Flashing Deck Mounted Skylight frames are made of one piece solid welded aluminum, so they will not let water pass and will not rot, crack etc.

Typically, custom skylights with insulated glass take two to eight weeks to manufacture, depending on the manufacturer and the complexity of the skylight. SIG Skylights makes custom skylights in about two to three weeks, both custom size curb mounted skylights, and custom shape and custom size deck mounted skylights. The deck mounted skylights can be fixed skylights or operable skylights, can be made in most straight lined shapes, and the skylight glass type can be chosen to fit your application. 

SIG Skylights makes skylights to replace nearly every skylight type and size. If we do not have a standard skylight size in -stock, we will make a custom skylight to fit. See our Custom Skylights page.

Our SIG Skylights are suitable for many commercial uses such as offices, showrooms, stores, schools, as well as all types of residences. Although more expensive than the plastic dome skylights which are often chosen for commercial use, SIG Skylights will provide more light plus beautiful, clear views, and will last a lifetime. The frames of our skylights are made of one piece solid welded high-quality aluminum, and the panes are made of strong, tempered, tinted glass that reduces UV light.

In almost every case, yes. This is the best time to replace a skylight as it is easier, thus cheaper, to replace, and also it does not disturb the existing roofing or the old skylight seal. Many roofers will not warranty the roof against leaks with an old skylight if it is not replaced. Also, many existing skylights are so old that they will not last another 15 to 40 years (the lifetime of your new roof) years, so it is strongly recommended to replace skylights when you replace your roof. However, with proper careful technique and a bit more money, you can retrofit a finished roof with a skylight, or replace an old skylight on an existing roof. See this article, Should I Replace My Skylight when I re-roof? for a more in-depth discussion on this subject.