Solar Reflective Full Sun TM Skylights

Let Light In – Block the Heat

The sun shining through skylights can be particularly strong in the summer. We recommend our Solar Reflective, Full Sun (TM) skylights for larger or multiple skylights, and in places with full or afternoon sun.

SIG Skylights’ Full Sun (TM) Skylights contain a solar control glass that reflects the sun’s heat away from the skylight, providing an optimal balance between aesthetics and performance. Especially important in the glare of the direct summer sun, this heat reducing skylight provides significantly more heat and glare reduction than our standard tinted glass. 

The tempered, insulated glass used in our Full Sun (TM) Skylights is softly tinted. It is made with a durable metal-oxide coating that blocks over 90% of UV light and eliminates a large portion of glare and heat gain through the skylight from the direct sun’s rays. The intensity of the light that enters your room is also softer and more pleasing.

These skylights provide a wonderfully open view with plenty of natural light, while still keeping you nice and cool, at home. 

Choose our Solar Reflective glass skylights to provide the same benefits in full sun as our regular skylights, while eliminating the potential issues with full sun (glare, UV, and overheating), simply and permanently.

SIG Skylights’ Solar Reflective skylights filter out over 90% of damaging UV rays, and are our best skylights for reducing heat gain and glare from the sun.*  A Solar Reflective skylight costs more than a standard tinted one, but you will recover that cost quickly with lower air conditioning bills in the summer, year after year.

We stock some popular sizes of skylights in Solar Reflective Bronze glazing. All of our skylights can be custom ordered in either Solar Reflective Bronze or Solar Reflective Gray. Allow two to three weeks for custom orders.

*When compared with clear glass, relative heat gain is reduced by about 1/4 with bronze glass, versus about 1/2 for solar reflective. Percent of UV light is reduced by about 1/2 with bronze, versus about 9/10 with solar reflective.  The light transmitted is less, of course, with the solar reflective, so the customer will need to think about which makes sense for their scenario.  In general, where the glass is large, (and plenty of light is allowed in), where they are replacing a hazy plastic skylight, or where there is more than one skylight and/ or lots of sun exposure,  solar reflective glass can be the better choice. 

Regular Versus Solar Reflective Bronze Tint

gray glaze skylight

Regular Versus Solar Reflective Gray Tint