SIG Skylights

The sky is a wondrous thing. Enjoy more of it with SIG Skylights!

Our Atlanta skylight experts will help you choose the right skylight for your application.

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Garrison Home Pros

Deck Mounted Skylights (FM)

SIG Skylights deck mounted skylights are built from aluminum and glass for long lasting durability. These skylight windows have a wide flange and built-in curb for ease of installation. more >

Curb Mounted Skylights (CM)

SIG Skylights curb mounted glass skylights come in a variety of common sizes and are perfect for replacing old plastic bubble skylights. more >

Kingdom Builders

Custom Built Skylights

SIG Skylights will manufacture high-quality custom designed roof skylights to fit your needs. Custom shapes, custom sizes, multi-gang, venting, and more. more >

Why SIG Skylights


Our elegant glass skylights are wonderfully transparent—beautiful inside and outside. Brighten your life with natural light! 


Welded aluminum and glass construction with no wood or plastic to degrade—lasts a lifetime!​


American made, energy efficient, natural light , UV blocking, easy to install!

Choosing the Right Skylight

Deck Mount (Flush Mount)

We recommend deck mounted skylights for most applications. They are attached directly to the roof using built in flashing. Deck mounted skylights are a perfect solution for steep pitched roofs but may not be the best choice for flat or low pitched roofs.

Curb Mount

Curb mounted skylights are the solution for flat or very low pitched roofs and those with metal roofing or shakes. They are typically mounted over a wooden frame that is built up from the roof structure.

​Imagine, just what you have always wanted!

We specialize in custom size and shape commercial skylights and residential skyights. You can order multi-ganged skylights (with multiple openings on one frame), skylights that open, and skylights designed for full sun areas. We can even make ones in unique shapes.

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  • I'm reviewing this business from a vendor perspective. I've been working with them for two and a half years and they are a great client. Everyone is very approachable and easy to work with, and their communication of wants and needs is clear. I have regularly seen them interact with their customers, displaying a high degree of expertise and a willingness to think outside the box to deliver the right solution. You can't go wrong if you choose to work with them!

  • I have never had a company so involved in satisfying their customers like SIG skylights customer service before. There director and manufacturing management personally called me to send the replacement parts right away after id sent amazon my questions. They know how to take care of their customers and make sure their products stands behind their name.

  • Fowler Homes recently bought three custom made skylights from SIG skylights and I couldn't have been happier. The skylights were well made and the customer was happy with the solar cool coating used on the glass. David delivered on time with a great product, we will definitely be back.