Why Do I Love My Skylights?

Whether you’re looking to buy a home, build, or remodel the home you already have, there are a lot of things to consider: space, floor plan, yard space. You probably already have a list of features you want. One thing you may not consider fully is the value of the right lighting. We’d like to share some reasons skylights may provide exactly what you need. 

Natural Light

You’re looking at new homes, and you walk into a room with only one light source – a small fixture overhead. It can seem depressing. Sure, you can add a lamp or even a larger fixture. But have you considered the benefits of natural light? 

There’s a lot of difference in sunlight and a lamp. Sunlight is not only more aesthetically pleasing, but studies show how much sunlight affects our mood, and most artificial light sources just don’t give you the same effect. You can definitely add windows, but in some areas, windows don’t let in as much light as a skylight. You may be close to other homes or trees may block some of that light. Skylights are a wonderful source of natural light. 

The View

Imagine how you feel when you lay outside on a blanket looking at the clouds. You see the shapes…watch them move with the wind…and can actually feel the sunlight filtering through breaks in the clouds. Now imagine how it feels to watch the night sky and wish on a shooting star. 

What if you could do the same from the comfort of your own home? If your skylight is in the right position – maybe over your bed – you can see the beauty of the sky without feeling the cold or swatting bugs. 

The Sounds

When is the last time you heard the sound of the rain on a metal roof? It’s a sound that many people love, and there are even special sound machines that mimic it. There’s nothing like falling asleep to the sound of the rain. 

Have you ever heard the rain droplets on glass? Rain on a window is soothing, but listening to and watching rain fall on your skylight comforts and relaxes you even more. 

Add Space

Do you watch interior design shows? One of the most repeated phrases you hear from any designer is, “Let’s open up the space with more light.” Combined with the right colors and decorating, adding light in any small space makes it seem bigger. 

Reduced Heating Bill

If the beauty and peacefulness of having a skylight isn’t enough, did you know that skylights can help reduce your energy costs? Sunlight coming through your skylight can help heat your home in winter. Whether you use gas or electric heat, you will probably notice a difference in your heating bill if you have skylights.

You may wonder, however, what happens in the summer? 

Air Movement

You may think that the heating effect in the winter is a downfall in the summer. However, if you plan properly, you’ll find that skylights can be just as beneficial in the summer. Technology is a beautiful thing, and different coatings – or even blinds – can reduce the heating effect in the summer. 

Even better, operable skylights open to let air into your home. In the spring and summer, that air movement can cool your home, even without running your air conditioner. 

Home Value

When you add skylights to a home, you improve the overall appeal of the home to many potential buyers. If you talk to any real estate agent, you know that natural light increases the ability to sell any home. While there isn’t an exact cost you can add to the home, light and space are factors that will make the home easier to sell. 

Skylights are a valuable addition to any home. Whether you want them for the aesthetic value, the cost savings, or the increase in value, you’re sure to love any home even more when you have skylights. 

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