Why Glass?

When it comes to custom skylights, glass is always the better selection. Plastic skylights
were the standard option from the 1980’s through the early 2000’s. Shortly after this time
period, glass custom skylights became mass produced and became the gold standard of
skylights. Glass skylights are far superior to plastic in every way. Glass is clear and always will be
clear (or can be cleaned to stay clear). Plastic degrades from the sun and yellows over time. This
yellowing will decrease the visibility and appear hazy. Plastic can also crack and scratch easily,
causing significant problems.
The glass used to build custom skylights has a slight tint to it to help reduce the solar
heat and UV damage exposure while maintaining clear visibility. This is simply not possible with
acrylic skylights. Glass skylights are energy efficient as they are made up of double walled
insulated glass. This works to help keep your indoor heater and air conditioner running more
efficiently. Glass also has the added benefit of factory seals and warranties. Depending on
where you live you will need to take weather into consideration as well. Glass skylights are built
to withstand hail and snow.
Acrylic skylights have aluminum-framed drill holes in their condensation gutters which
allows water out. This style can also let in cold air and causes condensation. Glass on the other
hand is sealed with modern technology to help prevent hot and cold transfers which leads to
condensation. When it comes to a modern style, glass is sleek in the way it is built with a
completely flat design. Acrylic is an older design take with a dome shape. You can also rest
assured that noise is greatly reduced with glass as it is better insulated. You are much more
likely to hear outside noise pollution indoors when you have an acrylic skylight.

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