The Process of Skylight Installation

The process of installing a skylight can be quite involved but it really breaks down to two
phases. The phases consist of rooftop and interior. There are also several things that the
installer will need to consider prior to installation and selection of the proper mount. These
things include: roof pitch, interior light shaft depth, as well as the shape of the skylight itself. If
you have never had skylights installed before or do not have existing skylights on your home
already you will want to review the skylight installation process with a professional.
The timeline of your skylight installation will also depend on your home’s unique
situation. Factoring in how many skylights you are doing and how difficult the installation will
adjust the installation timeline from either a half of a day up to three day’s time. There are two
very specific ways that a skylight can be mounted. The first is a deck mount. During a deck
mount installation the skylights deck seal is nailed directly to your roof deck. This creates a very
low profile, energy-efficient install. A deck mount installation is recommended for a roof with a
pitch of 14 degrees up to 85 degrees. The alternative skylight installation method involves a
curb mount. During a curb mount installation, the installer builds a wood frame called a curb around the opening in the roof, and the skylight is mounted on this frame. A curb mount installation is ideal for either a flat roof or a roof with a pitch up to 60 degrees.
The type of skylight installation that you select will slightly change the appearance so
you will want to thoroughly discuss your options with your installer. A skylight is a long-term
investment in your home, so you want to make sure that you are happy with the install the first
time around. Please feel free to take a look through our website to review photos of the various
installation options.

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