The Importance of Daylight

While beautiful to look at, you may not even realize all the benefits that custom
skylights offer within your home. The natural daylight that custom skylights have to offer will
bring life to your home that you didn’t realize was missing. Without realizing it all light has color
and that color is not created equal. Our eyes are naturally accustomed to daylight, but other
types of light such as artificial light from light bulbs, computer screens, etc. exist in our
everyday lives. The type of light we are using affects how we see the color of things.
Daylight is the best type of light for a variety of reasons. First, it has a nice white light
that allows us to see the most true and vibrant color of things. Artificial light from bulbs will
cause colors to shift toward the light. The proper use of daylight is so important that home
furnishing stores will actually spend a significant amount of money to replicate natural lighting
within their stores. This will allow the buyer to see the truest coloring of their product and
entices them to make a purchase without even realizing it. Skylights offer this same natural
light within our homes and uplifts our moods subconsciously.
Our eyes are so accustomed to natural daylight that any type of artificial light can put a
strain on our eyes which causes working or reading to be more difficult. Having custom
skylights within the home allow benefits that windows just can not offer. Windows offer either
very bright light or very dull light depending on the time of day. It is also a horizontal light which
can be very harsh on the eyes. Skylights offer a more balanced light that fills even remote
corners of a room. This type of light is called zenithal light which means it comes from the top
down which is a more natural approach for our eyes. Zenithal light makes a room more
appealing and welcoming. Adding custom skylights to your home is a great way to ease eye
strain and to highlight all the natural coloring you may be missing out on in your home.

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