Styles of Skylights

There are two main styles of skylights to select from. However, the decision will likely
be made for you depending on your situation. Whether you are replacing an existing skylight or
building a new home, the style of skylight selected will largely depend on the specifics of your
roof. The slope of your roofline will ultimately determine the proper type of skylight to select,
but given the option, we suggest you educate yourself on both choices. See below to learn more
about both curb mounted skylights and deck mounted skylights.
            Curb mounted skylights are the most common skylights that you will see on homes both
old and new. Curb mounted is the best style of skylight for a roof pitch with a slope of less than
14 degrees. This type of skylight requires a box structure that is then attached to the roof deck.
The box is flashed in with roofing material for waterproofing. The skylight itself then sits on the
box structure. This design allows the skylight to sit much like that of a shoebox. It is easier to
manufacture custom sizes in a curb mounted skylight and easier to replace. If the flashing of the
base is still good, you can simply replace the skylight itself rather than the entire unit. There are
a few cons that come with curb mounted skylights. For instance, they are higher in profile
which therefore decreases how energy efficient they are. Most curb mounted skylights are not
insulated beyond the 1 ½ inch thickness of the actual curb.
            The alternative to a curb mount is a deck mounted skylight. This option is best for when
your roof pitch is greater than or equal to 14 degrees. A deck mount is a more modern and
sleek design as it is lower profile. The flower profile allows for greater energy efficiency as it
“hugs” the roof directly. The curb of a deck mount is the skylight itself. The deck mount is
typically the first pick in a new construction home.

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