Skylights and Your Health

If you have been searching skylights for sale, you will be happy to note that not only are
skylights a beautiful addition to your home, but they also bring health benefits! The elements
that skylights bring to your home can improve your overall health and well-being. Operable
skylights can bring in fresh air that helps to circulate the air throughout your home. All skylights
for sale are able to offer an increase in your daily dose of sunshine and resulting Vitamin D,
thereby improving your health in so many ways. Increasing your natural vitamin D intake helps
to strengthen your bones and may even help to ward off some cancers. Vitamin D also helps to
prevent heart disease, depression, and can reduce weight gain. Skylights allow an abundance of
natural light to enter the home allowing your circadian rhythm a natural reset, which signals
your body when to wake up and when to wind down for the day, improving sleep quality.
Sunlight also boosts your body’s levels of serotonin, which improves your mood and your ability
to be calm and focus.
Not only can the fresh air from skylights energize you and improve your mood, but
vented skylights can help to improve the overall quality of your indoor air by helping to regulate
temperature and remove humidity. Moisture can cause harmful substances to grow such as
mold and fungus which have long lasting negative impacts on your health. Some children’s
rooms have a low air quality from toxins released from items in the bedroom. Increasing the
airflow in your entire home will work to naturally prevent these toxins from building up.

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