Skylights For Every Room

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When you first hear the word skylight, you may immediately think of grand buildings with lots of open space and huge skylights. This is where you may see skylights most often. 

But then, you may remember that many people have skylights in their homes. These windows to the sky bring light and warmth into common spaces in homes, and if you have a friend who has a home with a skylight, you know how beautiful they can make a home.  You may want to add natural light to your home, make a stunning architectural statement, or just brighten a dark area. In any case, a skylight could be exactly what you need for any room – whether a living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, attic, or even your bathroom.

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The first place we often think of skylights in homes is in the living room or den. With a skylight, you probably won’t need artificial lights on sunny days. Even on rainy days, the rain falling on the skylight and the view of the clouds can bring joy to anyone lucky enough to be looking up. On moonlit nights, you may find that you have enough natural light just from the moon! Since we spend a lot of time in the living room, this is one of the most common places for skylights. But did you know that skylights are just as amazing – sometimes even more so – in other rooms?

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In a bedroom, skylights can add calmness and serenity. Skylights bring morning light to help you wake up, even if your room doesn’t have any windows facing east. And if the skylight is positioned just right in the room, you can look up at the morning sky or the stars before you go to sleep.

Modern gray bathroom with skylight over tuv

In a bathroom, skylights are amazing, too. Imagine watching the clouds moving across the sky while you take a bath. And bathrooms are notoriously dark, especially if the bathroom is an interior room without windows. How amazing would it be to have some extra natural light? 

Kitchen with skylight above work area is brightly lit with natural light

Another excellent room for a skylight is a kitchen. When you’re cooking, you want as much light as possible, and a kitchen skylight can be the perfect solution for an otherwise dim workspace. Even better – the extra sunlight could make the kitchen the best place for an herb garden!

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While we often don’t think of the benefits of a skylight in an attic – or even your office space – this can brighten an otherwise dim room. If you use a skylight in your office, the sunlight can help inspire and motivate you, making your work more productive. In hallways, which often get less natural light from windows, a skylight can help cut down on your electric bill. 

hallway skylights-renovation-atlanta skylights

You can add a skylight to any room in your home, whether you want to brighten a dark space or add depth to an already beautiful room. The possibilities are endless – anywhere you have a room with access to the sky.

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