Skylights and Winter

As the temperatures start to shift it is quite apparent that winter is nearing! It may
surprise you to learn that skylights help to provide natural light and warmth during the winter
months! Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder can occur in the winter months when an individual
does not get enough exposure to daylight. This can cause extreme mood swings and even
depression. Keep in mind that the efficiency of the natural warmth a skylight produces is largely
left up to how well the skylights are installed. As an experienced skylight company, we have
seen issues persist in the past with less than adequate installations.
A common problem that can exist with older skylights or simply improperly installed
skylights are leakage issues during the winter months. Flashing is a vital component in keeping
exterior moisture on the surface. Without properly installed flashing you can risk water
seepage. This is why proper installation is key! It is helpful to keep your skylights clean and clear
of any debris. This will not only help prevent any function issues, but it will also help to
maximize light and vitamin D exposure through the winter.
Tints, coating, and glazing all help to prevent heat loss in the winter as well. As your
trusted skylight company, we always offer these options. While tinting and coating significantly
reduce heat loss, the best way to prevent loss of heat in the winter is to install your skylights at
the optimal slope. The slope in which your skylight is installed will dictate how much heat is
directly able to pass into your home. It should be quite clear by now that proper installation of
the highest quality product will ensure that your home stays dry and warm this winter. Enjoying
a fresh snowfall from inside your home through your skylights is a magical experience you
won’t want to miss. With a proper installation of the best skylight products available, any
snowfall should never impact your homes warmth.

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