Skylights and Leaking

If you have previously had a skylight leak you may be leery on installing a new and
improved version. In fact, this is a common concern we see homeowners face. Older models of
skylights typically failed more easily and therefore more often. It is extremely rare that a
modern-day skylight would fail to the point of leaking. A replacement skylight of an older
model can help to eliminate any potential leak problems. SIG Skylights are certain to eliminate
any leak problems that you may have experienced previously. 
Why might an older skylight leak? There are dozens of reasons why this may happen,
but a common occurrence is a crack in the plastic dome itself. A small crack in the plastic dome
of an older model skylight is actually quite common. It is possible that a rock or debris has hit
the skylight and caused a tiny crack that allows moisture to slowly get through. This issue has
been eliminated due to the use of glass skylights and the slim nature of the modern design. A
bad install is another common occurrence on an older model skylight. It is also possible that the
roofer decided to come up with their own flashing on the spot made from aluminum. This is not
a great long-term solution. Luckily, SIG self-flashing skylights come pre-flashed with no need for
additional flashing making it simple to properly install a leak free skylight.
While a temporary fix can help put a Band-Aid on the situation it is never a great long-
term solution. Typically, a problem will present itself again within six months’ time. A
replacement skylight is always the best option if there are any signs of leaking. You can rest
assured that a properly installed modern-day SIG Skylight will not leak and you can enjoy the
benefits of your new skylight for years to come.

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