Is Your Home Office Dull and Dreary? Light Up Your Workday – and Frame of Mind – with Skylights!

Your workplace can make a big impact on your mood and productivity. Whether you’ve been working at home for years or just for the last few months, you may have noticed that your home office isn’t exactly what it could be. The beauty of a home office is that you have the control! In a traditional office building, the building owner or management decides on the décor, lighting, and everything else that affects how well you work. You may want a new home office desk or completely new home office design. You can make those decisions for your home office, and one thing that can have multiple benefits is adding home office skylights!

Lighting With Office Skylights

attic room office skylight
Skylight window floods office nook with light

Does your office space have enough light? Whether you’re trying to work in a room that doesn’t have many windows or a corner of your living room, you’ll work better if your home office design includes enough light. The right amount of lighting is essential for working on a computer or looking at papers, but if you do craft or other artistic projects as part of your work, you’ll also want to incorporate more light. You can add light with a nice lamp or a new overhead light fixture, but that may not be enough for some rooms. 

Office skylights can provide natural sunlight, which studies have shown increases your productivity.  Reports showed that daylight improved productivity by 15% on the first major project in a Lockheed building.

Health Benefits of Home Office Skylights

Productivity isn’t the only factor. Sunlight has been shown to boost your immune system and help you sleep better at night. With home skylights, you don’t have to find time to go outside to get those benefits. You can get the benefits of natural light while you’re working.

Similar studies show that sunlight can help keep your stress levels down. If you’ve recently moved from a traditional office to a home office, you know that the change can be stressful. Office skylights can help you decrease stress and tension while you’re working. In addition to the proven health benefits of sunlight, think of how amazing you’ll feel after a stressful call if you can lean back in your home office chair and look up into the bright blue sky when you hang up!

A skylight can also give you a space to add plants in your home office. Many houseplants help add oxygen to the air, and that can help you feel even better. Houseplants can also remove toxins from the air or simply give you a better view while you’re working. 

Reduced Energy Costs

open skylight with wood ceiling

If you’ve been in your home office a lot more for the last few months, you may have noticed your electric bill going up. You’re at home during the day. Your kids may be doing online learning for school, so they’re home during the day. That means you’re using more electricity. Skylights can actually help reduce your energy costs. In the winter, a home skylight can allow more sunlight into your home, and that helps keep your house warmer without using the heater as much. In the summer, an operable skylight can allow you to add ventilation.

SIG skylights offers a variety of standard skylight sizes and shapes. If you want something a little more unusual, custom skylights may be right for your home office. Whatever you decide, you can enjoy the benefits of the beautiful view of Atlanta skylights.

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