How To Borrow Amazing Light With Sunroom Skylights

We crave and thrive on the uplifting feeling of fresh air and gentle sunlight on our faces. We can achieve this in our homes with porches and sunroom additions. Imagine a garden-like setting, drenched with sunlight, where people and plants flourish! A little slice of nature! Adding skylights to a porch or sunroom increases benefits twofold: (1) skylights bring more light and views of grand trees and stars into the sun porch, and (2) they naturally illuminate dark interior rooms adjacent to the porch.

Sunrooms and Sun Porches Promote Well-being

We know that natural light and plants improve our mood, boost productivity, and promote an overall feeling of well-being. Most people spend far too little time enjoying the inspirational beauty of the outdoors. Sunrooms provide an instantly accessible space that simulates a relaxing outdoor ambience.

Sunroom Skylights Share The Light with Darkened Interior Rooms

When sunrooms are built next to an existing living space, that interior room’s light is stolen because the sunroom’s roof blocks the light from what would normally have been the existing space’s exterior windows. In a concept called “borrowed light,” thoughtfully positioned skylights will share outside light coming into the sunroom by directing it into the adjacent interior room, flooding it, too, with natural light. 

Sunrooms and Porches Are One of the Easiest Rooms to Install Skylights

Installing a skylight on a porch or sunroom roof is typically straightforward. Generally there is no attic above the room, so you do not need to build a large light shaft through the attic. If you wish, for extra simplicity, you can choose self-flashing skylights with a built-in curb, in sizes that fit between the rafters in the roof. This way a competent DIYer can do the project in a day. Choose a location for your skylights that will optimize the type of light (morning or afternoon sun). Position them so the sun rays will also shine into the interior room. In warmer climates, or with southern exposure, skylights with solar reflective tinted glass glazing like SIG Skylights Full Sun Skylights can markedly reduce midday glare and heat gain from the sun. 

Bring abundant natural light into your home by installing a skylight in your sunroom or porch. And double the benefit by also lighting up that adjacent kitchen or living room!

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