Glazing Options

When having professional skylights installed you will also be given the option of various glazing choices to select from. Our skylights for sale have six different glazing options for you to consider, all with their own pros and cons. A few options do cost more money or take more time to receive so you will want to decide how each option fits into your budget and timeline. All of our SIG Skylights are glazed with tempered, double paned insulated glass. The various color options that are available do affect the color of the light that is able to be shown through. See below for our six glazing options explained in greater detail so that you can make an educated decision regarding your skylights. 

  1. Bronze standard glazing: Bronze glazing is a very cost effective selection as it does not require any additional fees or lead times. Bronze glazing allows for good transparency while simultaneously blocking glare, UV rays, and some solar heat gain. The light shown through bronze glazing produces a warm tone.
  2. Gray tinted: Gray tint produces similar results to the bronze glazing in its ability to block glare, UV rays, and solar heat gain. However, the light shown through is much cooler in tone. Unlike the bronze glazing, a gray tint is a special order so you will need to allow for additional lead time. There is no additional fee for this particular special order. 
  3. Solar reflective, full sun: This option is highly recommended for skylights that receive full sun during the day or are quite large in size, letting in ample amounts of sun. Solar reflective options tend to be perceived as darker in tint than a bronze option. You can compare a solar reflective option to a vehicle with tinted windows. This option is somewhat reflective from the exterior of your home but offers excellent heat blocking as well as excellent glare and UV blocking abilities. Light is still able to get through and flood your home with ample visibility. There is an additional fee for this option, and you have the option of selecting bronze or gray. 
  4. Low e-glass: This option appears nearly clear and is typically selected when the maximum amount of light is needed along with some insulating value. Since it is nearly clear in color it offers minimal UV and heat reduction. This isn’t the best selection in the form of a skylight as low e-glass loses much of its insulating value when placed horizontally. 
  5. Clear glass: While completely clear skylights for sale are available, we highly discouraged them. Unless your skylight will be placed in full shade this is not an ideal option. 

Laminated: Laminated options have a plastic layer between the glass panes. These are the perfect selection for homes or buildings located in hurricane prone areas as they are impact resistant. Laminated skylights are both an extra charge and a special order so you will want to plan accordingly.

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