Energy Loss Concerns

Custom skylights are one of the best ways to add a unique feature to your home. The additional light entering your home daily could just be the extra, natural energy boost that you are needing. However, there is an energy loss component that should be considered when you are discussing adding new custom skylights to your home. If you do not already have skylights in your home and are considering the best placement for them, make sure you factor in your home’s unique location in relationship to the sun. 

With skylights in your home always comes the added risk of heating and cooling loss. For example, heated air in the winter rises, and is then cooled by the skylight and it then returns back down to your home. In winter this can be inefficient. This is one of the many reasons why the position of your skylight is everything. Southern facing skylights receive the most sunlight. Your home is likely to have the most energy efficient skylights by positioning them under deciduous trees facing south. This will allow the sun to be blocked in the summer and shine through in the winter. 

Another factor to consider is the individual slope of your skylights. The optimal slope of your future skylight depends on your geographic latitude plus 5-15 degrees. The slope relative to the sun’s position will determine how much heat can enter your home. A skylight specialist will be able to review all of these options and locations with you during a consultation so you can consider where the optimal exterior skylight location ends up being located inside your home. All of our custom skylights are designed with your unique home in mind.

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