Designing Your Ideal Porch

As summer nears, now is the perfect time to work on designing your ideal covered
porch for the perfect indoor/outdoor living experience this Summer. Many families enjoy
dinners outside during the summer months or simply enjoying the outdoors on a covered
porch. A porch skylight is one of the best ways to allow your family to take advantage of a
covered porch and enjoy the outdoors. There are a variety of ways to design your backyard or
front yard porch around your porch skylight that will make it a modern focal piece.
 Paint: Painting your covered porch ceiling a dark color such as dark grey or black around
your skylight draws your eye up and helps create an illusion of more space within your
porch. This also allows your skylights to be ideal for stargazing during the evening.
 Shades: There are app control shades that can help offer you the ultimate light control.
These shades will allow you to open and close your porch skylight either on demand or
on a set, pre-determined scheduled. Either way you will have complete control over the
amount of light coming through to your porch.
 Touch of Wood: Wood ceiling accents add a beautiful rustic, farmhouse touch by adding
in natural wood tone tongue-and-groove pieces around your skylight.
 Outdoor Furniture: Add a variety of comfortable pieces of furniture to your porch
including lounge chairs and a dining table. These furniture pieces will help encourage
your family to take full advantage of the outdoor space and make it more inviting.
If you have any questions or concerns about installing a porch skylight, please do not
hesitate to ask. We look forward to helping you enjoy your covered porch all year long. We
know how enjoyable the addition of a porch skylight can be when added to a home.

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