Cool Tools for Holiday Gifts

It’s almost Christmas, and you want to get everyone on your list a gift they’ll love. Some people seem to have a sixth sense for gift giving. Every single gift they buy or make is perfect! Not all of us can do that, though. It seems like there is nothing some people would want, or we just have no idea what they might need. Often, it’s just that we know nothing about their favorite things, which brings us to the topic at hand: what do you buy a tool fanatic when you know absolutely nothing about tools?

No problem, because there are plenty of unique and amazing tools out there in every price range!

What’s the project?

Before you start looking for a cool tool to give, the first thing you need to know is what they need it for. You don’t want to get a woodworking auger for a mechanic. A roofer may not need a new voltage tester. If you want to be specific, find out what types of projects your special someone enjoys. Then, look for tools that complement that work.

Electricians (or plumbers, remodelers, mechanics)

If your gift recipient works around live wires at all, they definitely need a voltage tester. They probably already have one, but many of them require touching the wire with two metal prongs, using both hands to test the voltage. Look for a non-contact voltage tester. With this, your favorite handyman can place the tip close to the wire to see if there’s electricity running through it, keeping the other hand free for another tool or holding on to a ladder. It’s the perfect upgrade to the more complicated version.

Remodelers (or construction workers, flooring installers)

One of the coolest tools I’ve seen is a contour gauge. This tool is for anyone who needs to cut in a precise shape. For example, a flooring installer may have a strange angle on a wall, and the flooring needs to be cut exactly to that shape in order to place it. The contour gauge has small teeth. When you place it against the object, it conforms to that shape. Lock the gauge in place, and you have an exact stencil for cutting your materials to size!

Woodworkers (or crafters)

When woodworking, you often need to sand wood in hard-to-reach spots. For those small areas, your favorite woodworker may love sanding sticks. These small sticks are about the size of a pen. With different angles on the stick, it’s easier to get to small or difficult areas, making woodworking or other sanding jobs easier.

Almost any tool-lover

There are several general-purpose tools that would be great for almost anyone. Here are just a couple.

There are times that your handyman (or woman!) needs to make a quick repair but doesn’t have a tool set available. With a good multi-tool, that’s not a problem. These handy pocket knives include screwdriver, scissors, and many other useful tools that are perfect for a quick job. 

For anyone who uses knives – on projects in the shop, as a crafter, or a cook – a knife sharpener is almost always a welcome gift. You can find a quality knife sharpener that works on a wide variety of blades and can be cleaned easily. This AccuSharp® Knife and Tool Sharpener is inexpensive, top rated, and can also be used for cutting tools like axes.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your spouse who loves to work on things around the house or garage, a silicone wedding ring may be exactly right. Most people are surprised to learn that OSHA standards specifically prohibit electrical workers from wearing conductive jewelry or that working around heat or machinery is even more dangerous when wearing metal jewelry.  I know one wife who won’t allow her husband to wear his wedding ring because of how many times he’s had to replace it due to work mishaps. The solution might be a silicone wedding ring. It doesn’t conduct heat or electricity, is more comfortable than metal, and won’t get scratched. 

There are many tools out there, and it’s sometimes hard to decide which one is right for a gift. With a little knowledge and research, however, you can give one of the coolest new tools out there!

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