Best Places for Skylights in Your Home

As a trusted and experienced skylight company we have seen clients put
skylights in just about every room of their home. However, some places are more ideal than
others. Wherever you decide to add a skylight to your home it will give it an extra personal
touch that is otherwise difficult to achieve. Particularly in newer homes that touch of character
can be lacking. A skylight may do just the trick! See below for a few of the best rooms in your
home to consider adding a skylight to.

  1. Bathroom: A skylight in your bathroom gives you the luxury of extra light without the
    problem of reducing privacy that a wall window would give. A venting skylight is an
    excellent selection here as it can help to reduce the moisture issues that can persist in
  2. Bedroom: In your primary bedroom when you lay down on your bed your focus
    immediately goes to the ceiling. Imagine laying in your bed at night being able to gaze
    up at the stars at night as your drift off to sleep. This is the perfect combination.
  3. Kitchen: A skylight in your kitchen is ideal as it adds light from above in your cooking
    space. This also reduces the need for wall windows which frees up much needed wall
    space for additional storage in your kitchen.
    As a trusted skylight company, we know what a large decision it can be to add a skylight to
    your home. However, from years of experience we know you will only regret not having added
    one sooner! You truly can’t go wrong where you decide to add your skylight to your home, but
    we highly encourage you to consider where you will get to enjoy it most throughout the year.

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