The Porch of Your Dreams

Have you been eyeing the porch of your dreams? Since the onset of COVID19 more people than ever are taking on much needed and long desired home improvement projects, many of which increase their indoor/outdoor living space. A porch, whether completely enclosed or not, is a wonderful extension of your home. Many people fear that with the addition of a covered porch it will dampen the amount of natural light entering their home and create a dreary feel – enter the porch skylight! Natural light will still enter the interior of the home via the porch skylight. The covered porch of your dreams is now possible with any type of porch ceiling because we are proud to offer many customized porch skylight options. 

Are you envisioning a vaulted porch ceiling with exposed rafters? Our customized porch skylights allow for fully customized size, shape, and material so that no cuts into beams are required, which avoids additional framing. Perhaps your porch set-up has a flat painted plywood ceiling or tongue and groove. You may even be considering a beadboard ceiling for a fully customized look. Whatever your ceiling design or texture may be, we have a customized porch skylight to fit your needs. The ability to customize these porch skylights allows you to maintain the natural daylight entering your home even after the installation of your long awaited porch installation. Some customized skylights can even allow for smoke ventilation up and away from your home, if you are looking to create an outdoor kitchen in your new space. 

If you have been holding off on your dream porch because of your fear of eliminating the natural light in the back of your home, you no longer need to worry. We can help you customize an ideal  layout that makes the most sense to maximize the natural light entering your home, allowing you the ultimate indoor/outdoor living experience. We look forward to helping you create the porch of your dreams! 

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